ICON Lecture and Live Patient Hands-On

ICON Lecture and Live Patient Hands-On

Guest Talk in collaboration with QST Technologies

Lecture Overview

Conventionally, early interproximal caries which are non-cavitated are managed by way of ‘wait & see’ with topical fluoride application until it is time to ‘drill & fill’. Similarly, ways to manage white-spot lesions on smooth surfaces of teeth (often seen after bracket orthodontics for instance) were limited. Thus, leaving patients with no choice but to elect to undergo more invasive restorative procedures to manage their aesthetic concerns.

Icon infiltration is a micro-invasive technique using ‘low-viscosity resin-infiltration’ technology. It equips dentists with the tools to ‘pro-actively treat’ early interproximal caries and improve the aesthetic outcomes of unsightly white lesions.

Learning Objectives

  1. Diagnostic criteria for effective management of interproximal caries lesions and white-spot lesions
  2. Treatment workflow for management of both types of surface lesions
  3. Discussion of cases and treatment outcomes
  4. Setting expectations
  5. Live patient demonstration


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Dr Bruce Lee Chi Hong

Dr Bruce Lee Chi Hong

Dental Surgeon



15 July 2023 (Saturday)



2pm to 6pm

Course Fee





Dontia Digital Innovations
1 Venture Avenue, #01-10, Perennial Business City (Lobby A), Singapore 608521

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