Advanced Implant Strategies (AIS Centre) Centre of Excellence

The AIS Centre, a new concept by Dontia Alliance, is your trusted one-stop, comprehensive and patient-centric centre for all your dental implant needs.

With the growing aging population in Asia and an increase in edentulous patients, AIS Centre takes care of your dental implants throughout your life-long journey.

Besides the AIS Centre in Penang, Malaysia, four (4) more AIS Centres will be launched in the major cities of Asia by 2026, offering greater accessibility to dental implants for our patients.

Innovative Dental Implant Solutions

Our innovative and advanced dental implant techniques and cutting-edge technologies enable us to provide the highest standards of clinical care and quality service to all our patients.

A personalised treatment plan for each patient from the start of their dental implant visit ensures that we take care of our patients from their initial consultation to post-treatment care.

Clinical Excellence in a Patient-centric Culture

All our dedicated dental practitioners are at the forefront of dental implant capabilities to enhance your quality of life and restorative oral health.

With a strong commitment to provide the highest standards of patient care, we prioritise clinical excellence while ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience during your implant treatments.

In addition, we also focus on the following key areas in providing the best and most reliable patient experience and clinical outcomes:

1. Public Education
Educating the public through regular community talks and seminars on implants and oral rehabilitation.

2. Professional Development for Dental Professionals
Educating the dental professionals on new dental materials, technologies and techniques.

3. Industry Engagement
Sharing of best practices among the dental professionals through our industry networking sessions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we partner with dental implant manufacturers to offer implant treatments to underprivileged individuals. We believe that everyone deserves good dental care for a better quality of life.

Words From Our Founders

Our Accredited AIS Centre

Our network of AIS Centre are accredited with the following distinctions:


The Gold Honour recognises leading, comprehensive, and patient-centric advanced implant centres that offer one-stop solutions to patients and ensure that the entire dental implant journey of the patient is well taken care of.

Our network partners have access to an extensive support system, allowing them to provide patients with quality care and service excellence.


The Platinum Honour is awarded to the premier dental centre in a specific country/region for advanced implant surgery. It is renowned for its unwavering commitment to clinical expertise and patient care.

AIS Centre Location

SmileBay Signature Implant Centre


4, Pengkalan Weld,
Geogretown, 10300 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia



(60) 11 8888 0188