Treatment Planning Involving Dental Implants

Treatment Planning Involving Dental Implants

A module of Young Clinician Series

Lecture Overview

The ideal dental implant treatment plan creates a blueprint to achieve the best possible biological, functional and aesthetic outcomes for each patient, while ensuring long-lasting results. Successful outcomes depend on the clinician performing all steps throughout planning and therapy with careful consideration of the final restorative/prosthetic goals.


The lecture aims to:


  • Discuss dental implant success rates, implant prosthetics, common implant complications and their causes.
  • Share key clinical strategies, risk assessment and establishing an individual treatment plan to contribute to long-term outcomes, while emphasising on the health of the surrounding soft tissue.
  • Focus on key surgical principles that will allow for soft-tissue success with dental implants and recommend the appropriate dental hygiene methods that will maintain the success of soft tissue around dental implants.

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Dr Wong Keng Mun

Dr. Wong Keng Mun

Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr Valerie Tey Hwee Shinn

Dr. Valerie Tey Hwee Shinn

Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics



To be announced



6.30pm to 8.30pm



Dentists within

10 years post graduation

Registration Fee





Dontia Digital Innovations
1 Venture Avenue
Perennial Business City
#01-10 Singapore 608521
(Lift Lobby A)

*Registration to open on 7 Sep

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