Bonded Ceramic Restorations

Bonded Ceramic Restorations

A module of Young Clinician Series

Lecture Overview

Fundamental aesthetic guidelines are the basis for accurate treatment planning and smile design. Their proper understanding and clinical application allow for minimally invasive tooth preparations and selection of the most appropriate and aesthetic ceramic materials. Ideal preparation design and understanding of cementation and resin-bonding principles for the various treatment options and ceramic materials available are key for long-term clinical success.


Starting with aesthetic guidelines and smile design, the lecture aims to:


  • Discuss tooth preparation designs for resin-bonded restorations.
  • Share practical information on indications, selection, tooth preparation, laboratory communication and bonding of contemporary ceramic restorations in light of current scientific and clinical information.
  • Focus on bonding of partial coverage posterior porcelain restorations and discuss tips on improving bond strengths and reducing post operative sensitivity.

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Dr Wong Keng Mun

Dr. Wong Keng Mun

Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr Valerie Tey Hwee Shinn

Dr. Valerie Tey Hwee Shinn

Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr Bruce Lee Chi Hong

Dr. Bruce Lee Chi Hong

Dental Surgeon



27 Jul 2023



6.30pm to 8.30pm



Dentists within

10 years post graduation

Registration Fee





Dontia Digital Innovations
1 Venture Avenue
Perennial Business City
#01-10 Singapore 608521
(Lift Lobby A)

*Registration to open on 6 Jul

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