Treatment of Complete Edentulism: The Pro-Arch Concept

Treatment of Complete Edentulism: The Pro-Arch Concept

Partner Session in collaboration with Straumann

Lecture Synopsis

Treating complex fully edentulous patients can be a clinical challenge. It can be very confusing to start treatment without established clinical guidelines. The team of professionals (surgeon, restorative dentist and technician) must spend adequate time to diagnose, treatment plan and carry out the clinical and laboratory procedures according to the agreed treatment sequence. This close collaboration and cooperation is essential to ensure clinical success.

SMART Highlights

Implantology Day 1 – Pro-Arch Module

Implantology Day 2 – Restorative Phase

The Pro-Concept I: (Lecture)

The first part of this course will cover some practice management tips for a growing implant practice. The number of edentulous patients needing tooth replacement is growing significantly. For many edentulous patients, dental implants are a preferred treatment choice compared to removable dentures or fixed partial dentures. Because the predictability and success of implant treatment is well established, we can expect the demand for implant-related services to increase drastically. In that light, introducing dental implants into a dental practice could be a brilliant move for business owners. This sharing session is specially designed for dentists and business owners to interact and discuss how to develop a successful implant practice.

The Pro-Arch concept II: (Hands-on)

The second part of this course will discuss the importance of treatment planning and key considerations in managing such patients, and also explore the various possible restorative designs for the complex fully edentulous patient treated with implants. It will also include a hands-on module for key stages of the treatment process, including implant placement according to the Pro-Arch treatment concept, and fabrication of a full arch fixed provisional restoration.

Learning Objectives

  1. How do we decide on the number of implants to be used?
  2. How do we perform restorative material selection?
  3. Be equipped to discuss treatment options effectively
  4. Considerations for implant-retained overdentures
  5. Pro-Arch concept
  6. Understand if the immediate loading protocol is predictable and safe
  7. Occlusal concepts for Pro-Arch prostheses
  8. Protective occlusal appliance and maintenance protocol

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Dr Wong Keng Mun

Dr. Wong Keng Mun

Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr Valerie Tey Hwee Shinn

Dr. Valerie Tey Hwee Shinn

Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics



14 Oct 2023 (Sat)
15 Oct 2023 (Sun)



9am to 5pm (for both days)

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